Be protected against shortages and price rises – install solar for the win.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels turn light into energy, even when it’s overcast. They’re increasingly popular, and more affordable than ever. Ask us to design and install a system which suits your business needs.


You’ll need a complete system which includes solar panels, an inverter and, in some cases, a battery for storage. Solar panels are simple to install and very easy to maintain, lasting for around 25 years.


Solar panels produce energy which can provide significant savings on your electricity bill. How much?  Our engineers will measure your usage, predict the yield, and calculate payback. Then we’ll install a system which meets your needs, potentially generating 100% of the energy used on your premises.


JR Revell is accredited by MCS to install state-of-the-art solar panels. MCS is a nationwide scheme which ensures that installers meet high standards of safety and competence. Choosing an MCS installer gives you greater protection and the certification is also required by some grant schemes.

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  • Solar panels (accredited installations)
  • Air source heat pumps
  • EV charging stations

Global targets for renewable energy

What’s causing the pressure for the private sector to adopt renewable energy solutions?

Rising global temperatures are causing natural disasters like draught and flooding. As a result, world leaders are aiming to halve fossil fuel emissions by 2030. Private business plays a vital role. If you have a suitable rooftop, solar panels can help you to reduce your carbon emissions and smash financial targets.

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