Cost-efficient energy solutions

Monitoring your energy usage is the first step in reducing your costs.

1 – Collect your energy usage data,
2 – Analyse sources of consumption, and
3 – Identify solutions to save money on your business costs.


Energy can be a significant business expense. If it’s affecting your bottom line, start by assessing your usage. We install a cloud-based system which can be linked to all your gas, electricity, and water meters. It provides you with at-a-glance figures on your business usage, even if you have several locations.  You can log-in from anywhere from most devices.


Minute-by-minute reporting enables you to see where energy is being consumed. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience working on commercial premises and we’ll recommend energy solutions which can help to reduce your bills (and your carbon emissions).


With global targets for reaching net zero by 2050, the private sector is under pressure to switch to renewable energy. JR Revell is here to help you achieve it in a painless way! Our installation services include solar panels and air-to-water heat pumps (providing both heating and cooling to your buildings).


Tracking your energy usage – through utility bills and additional metering – enables you to produce reports on historic and current expenditure. This allows you to see progress and plan for changes.

Can we help?

Here is our service list:


  • Identify sources of energy consumption
  • Collect utility bill data
  • Analyse meter data
  • Identify opportunities to reduce consumption and save on costs
  • Track your progress
  • Install additional metering

Advice you can trust

Our team becomes yours – integrated with your business, we take responsibility for monitoring, maintaining and updating your mechanical and electrical systems. So when you’re ready to invest in energy solutions, we’ll provide sensible advice and projections. In some cases (like warehouses or stores), unexpected power shortages result in serious losses, which is a good reason to opt for fully owned solutions. JR Revell offers installation of green tech like solar panels and heat pumps, covering London and Essex, so we can organise hassle-free updates which serve your business needs (not ours).

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