Commodity Centre

Client Commodity Centre
Location Heybridge


Electrical Installation, Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance, Security Systems and Alarms for Commercial, Testing and Inspection

16,000 lbs Cable installed

JR Revell Ltd knows the need to be reactive in this ever changing environment.

Heybridge site was previously an old printworks and was unused for a prolonged period, before a requirement came to have back up and running for secure storage purposes for Commodity Centre Group.

This was when the discovery was made, that the site had been broken into, and all mains cables, containment and distribution equipment had been damaged or stolen from site.

10 MCCB panel boards and sub boards

We provided repair to the LV substations, all new distribution equipment and cabling as well as cable management and safety systems.

24/7 Site access made possible

We also arranged site welfare for the teams and security systems to ensure the site was serviceable 24/7 and unlikely to be subject to theft again.

1,536 Man hours

From day of first call to completion of installation in just 24 days. Saving customer tens of thousands on off site storage not to mention down time.