Attic Self Storage

Client Attic Storage
Location Beckton


Data and Network Systems, Electrical Installation, Fire Alarm Systems, Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance, Mechanical Systems, Security Systems and Alarms for Commercial, Testing and Inspection

32,500 meters of mains cable

JR Revell Ltd was pleased to provide the entire Mechanical and Electrical installation for this site, to our good friends at Attic Self Storage.

42,300 meters of data cable

We designed, and provided all electrical systems including PV, Lightning protection, Access control, Lighting, CCTV & Intruder, Fire alarm & AOVs alongside general power distribution and Lighting.

1010 individual light fittings

We also provided all plumbing, mechanical and ventilation services to the site and still found time to even install the customer kitchen.

4360 man hours

So at JR Revell we really do allow for everything INCLUDING the kitchen Sink.